Why it’s Impossible to Take Angsty Socialists Seriously

You’ve seem them marching through the streets either in your own community or on your television screens: scores of young Americans championing the destruction of free market capitalism. Naturally, these demonstrations are usually immortalized with the help of an iPhone or something similar.

We all understand this irony: calling for the end of a system that made your historically high standard of living possible in the first place. Funnier still is the strange obsession many leftists protesters have with wearing Guy Fawkes masks — which were likely produced en masse in a large factory with working conditions that would likely bring the wearer to tears.

Chances are leftists are attracted to this aesthetic because they watched the movie V for Vendetta one too many times, and completely missed the film’s point about being skeptical of inflated government power. If not, then they are knowingly identifying with Guy Fawkes himself, who was hanged after trying to bomb the English Parliament in an effort to restore the Catholic monarchy.

So much for the separation of church and state…

Then again, this is usually the same bunch that’s more than willing to show up to a party wearing a Che Guevara shirt — likely unaware of the Cuban communist’s virulent racism and murderous personal history.

~ Facts Not Memes