When The Suspect is a Millennial Democrat

Most Americans — or really, most people — vividly remember discovering the differences between the genders during childhood.

Just kidding, no one remembers that, because it’s such a basic piece of information that it’s almost impossible to miss. It’s a different story for younger people in North America, however, as even bringing up this biological descriptive becomes tantamount to terrorism.

In Canada, a biological man can walk into a government building and have his gender changed on his identification card. As conservative commentator Lauren Southern demonstrated, you don’t need to produce any evidence, or even be “transitioning” from one gender to another. Your word is all they need.

Things aren’t quite as bad in the United States, but they could be very close to getting there. The politicized transgender community isn’t settling for simply having the same legal rights as everyone else — they want special treatment for the rest of society as some sort of historical atonement.

If things continue developing they way they are now, expect police communication to look something like this in the near future.

~ Facts Not Memes