Want to Terrify Some Californians? Show Them This

In one image, we believe we have found everything that would drive your average California resident absolutely crazy — well, at least those that live on the coast.

Everything going on in this picture is something California residents can’t stand. President Donald trump is drinking a Diet Coke…with a straw! If you live in the People’s Republic of California, try to contain your agonizing horror.

Now, we can’t say we have it out for all Californians. After all, a large majority of the state actually voted red in the last election cycle, and will presumably do so again. The state’s clustered population centers, however, comprise the deepest blue sea in the country. These are the people that think that by vandalizing Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, they are actually destroying a Horcrux, and thereby diminishing the president’s evil powers.

Of course, these are also the people that believe they are doing the environment an invaluable service by banning plastic straws, and implementing pretty ridiculous punishments for those who continue to use them.

Sure, the left as a whole has lost its mind in America — but the California left is in a league of its own.

~ Facts Not Memes