Time Magazine Shows Us the Current State of Journalism

If you’re tired of the constant back-and-forth that is broadcast media, and yearn for true boots-in-the-dirt journalism, fear not — Time Magazine has you covered.

The popular liberal publication stands above the fray of partisan bickering. Who needs constant updates on the political news of the day from Fox News when you can have crushing headlines like this?

Time Magazine found itself humiliated recently when one of its gossipy headlines was torn apart in a simple response: “There is a slave trade going on in Libya.”

To be absolutely clear — this is not hyperbole. Ever since Obama-backed rebels ousted and brutally murdered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, more extremist forces were able to take advantage of the power vacuum and pursue their horrifically reactionary agenda. The result has been the return of open slave markets in the country. For this, we can without exaggeration say “thanks Obama.”

Sure, Gaddafi wasn’t exactly a model leader by western standards. However, his rule over Libya was certainly preferable to Islamist gangs who support Sharia law.

~ Facts Not Memes