This is the United States WITHOUT the Electoral College

If you ask the modern leftist why he, she, or xe believes in leftist doctrine, you’ll probably get an answer that centers on righting historical wrongs and class disparities.

It’s not fair, a leftist will say, that European-descended males enjoy certain societal advantages while intersectional groups do not. White men, they say, can get jobs more easily, live in more comfortable homes, and simply be welcomed by other parts of society with more enthusiasm. None of this has to do with innovation or self-motivation or anything…

Curiously, this concern with the underclass vanishes when the Electoral College is brought up.

The Electoral College is a safeguard against mob rule. In the modern age, it essentially prevents the heavily populated coasts from dominating every election cycle. It’s the reason why Donald Trump is President of the United States, despite the fact that New York and California ensured that Hillary Clinton won the simple popular vote.

This picture provides a helpful understanding of why the Electoral College is so necessary today. Without it, the entire future of the country is decided by a handful of states, and Middle America is essentially rendered irrelevant.

~ Facts Not Memes