This Image Will Make Democrats Support a Border Wall

Violent crime, drugs, human trafficking, rape, theft, property damage…these are just some of the vile things Americans who live close to the southern border with Mexico have to endure on a semi-frequent basis. Apparently, none of this is reason enough to construct a border wall to keep these things out of the country.

Democrats have resisted almost every measure of immigration control for the past few decades, and they have done so for purely political reasons. Proof of this comes from just how easy it is to dig up old videos of Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, and even Barack Obama lamenting the lawlessness of illegal immigration. Clinton herself even supported the construction of border fencing in select areas when she served as senator for New York during the Bush administration.

As it turns out, things change when you realize you can take advantage of a situation to win votes. Rest assured, we have finally found a way to convince Democrats that open borders are just a bit problematic.

…plastic straws. Millions of them — pouring into the border completely un-vetted, helping Americans trying to enjoy a cold beverage on a hot summer day everywhere.

Check mate, Democrats.

~ Facts Not Memes