This College Degree is Just Setting Students Up for Failure

Historically, privileged Americans would attend college for the sole purpose of acquiring skills that would make them more economically marketable. With the introduction of various social science degrees, however, this tradition has clearly evaporated.

Of course, many college degrees can still speak volumes to a particular student’s work ethic. STEM programs take a considerable amount of skill and time to acquire, and many humanities degrees are still mentally taxing.

Most degrees, however, may actually discourage potential employers from giving a graduate the time of day — and gender studies is certainly one of them. Instead of instructing students on how to better their own careers, programs like this are relegated to cultural Marxist indoctrination camps. Students who graduate with these degrees leave campus with little more than a derision for men, the free market, and American traditions in general.

It is imperative that educators reverse this trend — their own jobs may depend on it.

~ Facts Not Memes