These are ‘Acceptable’ Political Views, According to the Left

In case you haven’t noticed, the Democratic Party of today is almost unrecognizable from the same political organization just a decade ago.

Make no mistake, the party of Bill Clinton was not the same as the party of Barack Obama. During the years between the two administrations, the Democratic Party has moved to the left in a bold way, paving the way for even more radical politicians to become its thought leaders in the future.

This is the direct result of the party’s fringe wings gaining more of a platform. While the political correctness we see from leftists on college campuses today would have seemed patently ridiculous just a few years ago, it is now the standard state of being.

This is demonstrated pretty well in the image to the left, which shows the political compass. You’ll notice the “center” isn’t actually in the middle of the image, and everything outside of the authoritarian left is written off as being “far right”. This label has been used to describe everyone from President Donald Trump to Mitt Romney — two men who aren’t exactly on the same page about a lot of things.

We shutter to think about what the Democratic Party will look like just a few years from now.

~ Facts Not Memes