The Easy Way for Males to Have Opinions on Abortion

According to the radical left, the only people who are allowed to have opinions on a given issue are certain demographics who feel the issue applies directly to them.

For example: racial minorities are the only ones allowed to have any say on affirmative action policies used by universities and other institutions. Likewise, only women are permitted to speak out on birth control and abortion. But, this reality-denying state of mind provides evil white males with an easy way to chime in without garnering the ire of angry feminists.

All you have to do is wake up one day and identify as female. According to an increasing number of LGBTQ activists, that is literally all it takes. Things are even more insane in other parts of North America. In Canada, for example, all YouTube commentator Lauren Southern (who is undeniably female) had to do to identify as a man was show up at a DMV wearing a baseball cap. She is now legally a man. No questions asked.

If this seems clinically insane to you, it’s because it is. But, rather than railing against it, it seems easier to use this obsession with identity politics to our advantage. Try this trick the next time you’re in a heated debate with a crazy feminist who says you aren’t allowed to have an opinion about something.

~ Facts Not Memes