That Time CNN Accidentally Told the Truth

CNN has become synonymous with “fake news” among Trump supporters, and not without good reason.

The network which bills itself as “the most trusted name in news” has been relegated to a propaganda outlet for the Democratic Party since the beginning of 2016. Its wall-to-wall coverage of the Trump administration has been almost universally negative to the point where even leftist outlet MSNBC seems moderate by comparison.

Bias aside, the network’s credibility has been thoroughly undercut since the ballots were counted in 2016. There was simply no chance, CNN pundits argued, that Donald Trump could defeat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Since then, the actions of White House correspondent Jim Acosta have proven the network cares more about virtue signaling and advertising its brand than actually asking questions.

But here is a screen shot of the network doing it’s job — revealing the fact that the only category President Trump loses to his predecessor is the public’s opinion. Ironically, this is largely the fault of the network itself.

We’re looking forward to more accidental honesty like this, but we’re not holding our breath.

~ Facts Not Memes