Socialist Cuba Has EVERYTHING You Need — Including Gulags!

Normally, we shun the idea of jumping to conclusions as much as possible, but we’re going to go off on a limb and predict that the person pictured here hasn’t asked Cuban ex-pats living in Miami how they feel about their country of origin.

The communist regime in Cuba was enshrined through bloodshed. After Fidel Castro and his favorite hitman Che Guevara toppled the Batista regime, the country quickly devolved into political chaos. While the revolution initially included everyone who opposed Batista’s militancy, the government quickly purged itself of everyone who was willing to question the communist cause.

So, sure — you can get free health care in Cuba. You can also attend a state-run school for free. Apparently, being indoctrinated comes at no cost. You can also — in 2018 — be silenced and thrown into a gulag for saying anything negative about the state. It really just depends on what your priorities are. If free stuff is your thing, go ahead and apply for asylum. Perhaps you can tell them that your first world education and health care have made you a victim of capitalism.

~ Facts Not Memes