Snowflakes Completely LOST IT When Trump Did This

President Donald Trump doesn’t have to do a whole lot to upset the left. In fact, he does it by accident on a near-daily basis. However, he had almost every Democrat in the country prepared to throw on a tin-foil hat last week when he tested a new emergency service.

Last week, cell phones across America buzzed as the White House tested its new emergency alert system — which theoretically would supplement other emergency services by keeping Americans privy to natural disasters or other national security threats.

This sounds pretty harmless, right? After all, the first duty of the federal government is to protect the American people. It’s literally one of the first things mentioned in the U.S. Constitution.

However, it’s the current year, and that means that liberals have to be upset with everything that President Trump or anyone even remotely within his circle does. This apparently includes testing a service designed to keep Americans safe.

Good one, liberals…

~ Facts Not Memes