Senator Lindsey Graham Suddenly Remembers He’s a Republican

You know things are completely upside down when South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is seen as some sort of conservative firebrand.

Senator Graham has been a Republican for as long as we can remember, but it was easy to forget about his affiliation. Compared to the likes of Senators Rand Paul or Ted Cruz, Graham has long been seen as a McCain-style moderate. This completely changed in the face of the Democratic smear campaign targeting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Ahead of the week-long FBI investigation that preceded Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote over the weekend, Graham unloaded on Democrats in the Senate for obsessing over unverified sexual assault allegations — allegations that were completely uncorroborated by any witnesses whatsoever.

Now, the senator is continuing his verbal onslaught, recently pointing out that the Democrats have accomplished something that even the President of the United States has thus far been unable to do — unite the Republican Party.

Considering that the midterm elections are right around the corner, it could not have come at a better time.

Talk about a massive tactical error from the Democrats…

~ Facts Not Memes