Reminder: Most of America is On the President’s Side

If you listen to progressive activists in the entertainment industry and the news media, you might believe that President Donald Trump is universally unpopular, and the majority of Americans loathe him as much as they do.

These talking heads such as film producer and writer Rob Reiner seem to forget the fact that Trump is president because he won an election — where a majority of the country’s voting districts decided that he was the better alternative.

While it’s true that the popular vote went to Democrat Hillary Clinton, it’s no secret that this bump is due to the fact that Democrats enjoy more support in densely populated coastal cities. The heartland of the country is very much on the president’s side.

So, whenever liberal talking heads like Reiner or anyone else try to make the argument that Trump is where he is in spite of the will of the American people, go ahead and show them a voting map from 2016. Just make sure to throw out a trigger warning before you do so, because they evidently still have trouble accepting the results.

~ Facts Not Memes