Remember When Barack Obama Said This Was Impossible?

Former President Barack Obama is back where he has always wanted to be — in the mainstream media’s spotlight. While this might seem pretty annoying if you’re a Trump supporter, there is an important silver lining to remember — we get to point out just how wrong he was about basically everything.

As this image touches on, the most egregious shortcoming of Obama’s presidency was his understanding of the economy. After moving to bail out the same banks he said were responsible for the so-called “great recession” in the first place, Obama began pumping federal money into the U.S. financial system at an alarming rate. This, he said, was part of an effort to “fix” the economy. The rest of his presidency would be characterized by a “jobless” recovery, where almost all employment gains came in the form of part-time jobs.

Before Donald Trump finally took the helm, Obama dismissed many of his successor’s bold promises. 3 percent GDP growth would be impossible. It’s currently at over 4 percent. Unemployment rates for black Americans are at an all-time historic low. Jobs once thought to be lost to time are slowly coming back.

In other words, Obama was completely wrong about everything.

~ Facts Not Memes