President Trump Reveals His Power to Summon Hurricanes

President Donald Trump has many talents. He can double if not triple the value of a skyscraper by simply slapping his name on it. He can turn an otherwise boring game show formula into a fast-paced saga where the number one reason to watch it is to see The Donald fire someone.

Apparently, the president also has the divine power to manipulate the weather to his liking. At least, that’s what the social media managers over at the Washington Post appear to believe…

In the tweet included here, Trump is described as being “complicit” in the formation of a hurricane. We’re not exactly sure what they mean. Did the president phone up a few weather clouds in Africa and give the green light on devastating the east coast of the United States? Is he somehow responsible for people not evacuating projected areas despite being repeatedly told to do so?

Apparently, the president’s talents are nothing if not limitless.

If there was any other reason you needed for why people don’t take the mainstream media seriously, here’s another one…

~ Facts Not Memes