President Trump Gets Ready For Halloween

We apologize for not including some sort of disclaimer in the headline, but it seems like President Donald Trump is really outdoing himself with the scary Halloween decorations.

Perhaps the only thing that could make the painting the president is standing in front of more terrifying is to add the audio track of Clinton’s demonic laughter — you know, like the laughter we heard during her statements on Benghazi in front of the U.S. Senate. That one…

We’re making jokes, obviously, but when you actually look at Hillary Clinton’s political legacy, there isn’t a whole lot not to be scared of. When she served as former President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State, Clinton was instrumental in some of the worst foreign policy decisions ever made. Libya has devolved from a authoritarian oligarchy into a war zone with open slave markets. Iraq nearly suffered the same fate.

This is just another gentle reminder of what could have been if working class Americans hadn’t decided to stand together and reject globalism.

~ Facts Not Memes