Want to Scare the Pants Off of a Liberal? Show Them This

It's fair to say that the modern left is a bit sensitive. So sensitive, in fact, that adherents of the ideology have seen fit to turn college campuses into batt ...Continue reading

Leftist Robert De Niro Makes Compelling Case Against Trump (Not Really…)

What is the definition of "bravery?" Is it scores of young men charging onto a beach under a hail of Nazi machine gun fire to liberate an entire continent? I ...Continue reading

The State of Liberalism in 2018 and Beyond — Explained

In case you were wondering what the mental state of the Democratic Party is right now, we found an excellent image to help explain everything. If the gentlem ...Continue reading

Donald Trump’s Week Summed Up in One Image

President Donald Trump upsetting liberals simply by being himself is absolutely nothing new, but the commander-in-chief took this hobby of his to the next level ...Continue reading

Your Daily Reminder That Government is Bad at Everything

Take a moment after looking at this meme to seriously ask yourself -- what innovations over the past quarter century have come from the public sector? Now, a ...Continue reading

Flashback: North Korea Was Supposed to Nuke Us All in 2016

The Trump presidency truly is the gift that keeps on giving... After Donald Trump took the oath of office, Democrats seemed pretty certain a foreign policy d ...Continue reading

The Best Way to Hide Your Gun from Socialists

When you want to hide something, the obvious place to put it is the place where whoever you're hiding it from will never look. By this logic, in the case of ...Continue reading

When the Media Was Totally Cool with Presidents Meeting Dictators

History was made this week when President Donald Trump was photographed shaking hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un -- much to the dismay of left-wingers ...Continue reading

What Feminists Really Mean When They Say “Equal Rights”

Feminism has really taken a strange turn over the past quarter-century. The philosophy that once advocated for the equal treatment of both men and women under t ...Continue reading

Leftists Have Re-Invented the Word “Greed”

Outside of the political world, the conventional definition of the word "greed" is pretty simple. It describes the urge to live outside of one's means, usually ...Continue reading

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