It’s Official — the LGBT Movement is Starting to Eat its Own

We really should have seen this coming from a thousand miles away, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining to watch... Certain members of the LGBT+ mo ...Continue reading

Everything You’ve Been Told About “Child Prisons” is a Lie

In case you haven't been watching CNN, we'll catch you up on everything really quickly: innocent immigrant children are being thrown into concentration camps, a ...Continue reading

This Texas Billboard is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Somehow, the phrase "only in Texas" doesn't even do this enough justice... Earlier in June, a billboard appeared alongside the I-40 highway in Texas advising ...Continue reading

Reminder: Just Because Snopes Said it Doesn’t Make it True

Have you ever shared an article on your social media page, only to have that one annoying leftist friend comment with a link to a Snopes article allegedly "rebu ...Continue reading

This is As Close to ‘Prayer’ as the Mainstream Media Gets

It's no secret that leftists, which are overwhelmingly over-represented in America's mainstream media, are rather secular folk. Prayer is not really a part of t ...Continue reading

Why It’s So Hard to Take the LGBT Rights Movement Seriously

We truly live in unprecedented times in the United States. In 2018, we can say with absolute certainty that every citizen -- regardless of race, religious ba ...Continue reading

Leftist Hypocrisy is on Full Display Over Child Immigrant Issue

After images showing the faces of migrant children being pressed against a fence as they were separated from their parents went viral, calls have been made for ...Continue reading

Remember When “Disrespecting” Obama Was Called “Treason”?

One of the best things about popular leftist Facebook accounts like this is that all you need to do to find evidence of hypocrisy is look at whatever they were ...Continue reading

Trump vs. Obama: Who is the Better Negotiator?

Today, as the United States government pushes forward with the unthinkable by mending hostilities with one of the most hostile nations on the planet, let's take ...Continue reading

While We’re Changing the Faces on Our Money…Let’s Consider This

In 2015, liberals across America told us all to stop what we were doing to focus on an issue that truly mattered -- there are too many men on our dollar bills. ...Continue reading

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