Elizabeth Warren Smacked Over Dumb ‘Science’ Tweet

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro has become a Twitter force all on his own, this time using his powers to point out the blatant hypocrisy of one of the le ...Continue reading

If CNN Reported on ‘A Christmas Story’

Poking fun at CNN is great any time of the year, but Christmas-themed shots like make it even better. This image really calls to mind a very important questi ...Continue reading

Leftists Have No Idea Why Most Americans Worship Jesus

It doesn't get much more dense than this... In an odd attempt to draw a false equivalency between mainstream Christianity and the more extreme elements of Is ...Continue reading

Ted Cruz Baits Bernie Sanders Into Supporting Tax Cuts

This was definitely an interesting turn of events. After being forced to admit that tax cuts for the middle class covered under the recently passed tax refor ...Continue reading

Liberal Meme Accidentally Destroys Obamacare

If there's one thing conservatives and liberals agree on, it's that corporate subsidies can often prove to be problematic. The difference, however, is that cons ...Continue reading

This Blatant Lie About Eisenhower Needs to End Now

If you're a misinformed or otherwise uneducated you American, you might read this and wonder why tax policy has changed at all since the end of the Second World ...Continue reading

Democrats Treat Every GOP Victory Like Armageddon

Not long ago, when President Barack Obama was in office, Democrats loved to joke about Republican "obstructionism" -- and couldn't fathom the idea that some peo ...Continue reading

Liberals are Losing Their Minds Over Tax Reform

With Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress poised for a big win on taxes -- easily the most winnable issue for the party -- the Democratic left is having ...Continue reading

Jodie Foster is a Massive Hypocrite

Hollywood actress and filmmaker Jodie Foster is taking her turn to virtue signal by contributing some class warfare rhetoric of her own. In a post submitted ...Continue reading

Ted Cruz Trolls Some Liberal Who Had Him Sign Communist Manifesto

One thing we all can agree on about Texas Senator Ted Cruz is that he knows how to punch back when he's being trolled. This liberal probably knew he was goin ...Continue reading

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