The Perfect House for Your Everyday Socialist

Have you ever noticed there's a massive difference between how socialists in power live versus how people who live under socialism live? While not i ...Continue reading

This is the Left’s Favorite Argument Against Conservative Policies

Much in the same vein of referring to President Donald Trump and seemingly everyone who has even a lukewarm opinion about him as Nazis, the American left has ta ...Continue reading

This Has Been a Great Week for Trump Supporters

The last week of June 2018 was one of the best periods of time to be a Trump supporter since...well...the week before probably, but this week was especially cat ...Continue reading

Remember How TIME Mag Treated Barack Obama?

Show this to a friend the next time you hear him or her say that TIME magazine is an unbiased news source... TIME is the most widely distributed news magazin ...Continue reading

How Did All That Gun Control Work Out for Venezuela

Venezuela: the leftist utopia the American left wants you to pretend doesn't exist... No, that isn't an exaggeration. For almost two decades, the socialist g ...Continue reading

Liberals: Give Your Guns to Those People That We Hate

We haven't really heard the left push for gun control in a while -- probably because the Democrats have seen the writing on the wall, and fully understand that ...Continue reading

Thomas Sowell Nails it on Immigration and the Law

There are a plethora of fascinating minds to lend your ear to in the conservative commentariat, but few can articulate this worldview better than Thomas Sowell ...Continue reading

The EU is Actually Trying to Criminalize Memes

As if the globalists of the world are actively trying to reinforce the tired stereotype that the left "can't meme", Eurocrats fervently prove exactly that by pu ...Continue reading

TIME’s Latest Cover is Absurd — But Someone Fixed It

In the wake of the political outcry over migrant children being separated from the adults they illegally cross the border with, TIME Magazine took the virtue si ...Continue reading

Fact: Leftists LOVE Separating Children from Their Mothers

Over the past few weeks, the American left has been lamenting over the Trump administration's enforcement of border policy, and subsequent decision to not detai ...Continue reading

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