Remember When Christians Were Supposedly “Anti-Science?”

For generations, traditionalist Christians have been purported as proof that American conservatives reject science wholesale. Interestingly, the dichotomy betwe ...Continue reading

Google Makes its Stance on Free Speech Perfectly Clear

Silicon Valley giant Google and its subsidiaries drew a line in the sand over the weekend after it was reported that YouTube "accidentally" removed various righ ...Continue reading

It’s Time to Stop Pretending Daniel Hogg is An Expert on Everything

Parkland shooting survivor Daniel Hogg has become the face of the gun control movement since 17 of his classmates were killed by a fellow student. Since the dre ...Continue reading

Major Companies Accidentally Support Local Gun Shops

Despite videos showing gun owners intentionally destroying their own AR-15s going viral, the rest of America's pro-gun community isn't surrendering its rights s ...Continue reading

Liberal Logic on Abortions…Applied to Guns

The gun control debate has been many things over the past few weeks -- consistent has not been one of them. Take the mainstream liberal argument defending ab ...Continue reading

This Student’s Gun Control Stunt is Failing Horribly

If you haven't heard of or seen Daniel Hogg yet, that's probably because you haven't tuned into CNN or any other mainstream media outlet in the past two weeks. ...Continue reading

How Bernie Sanders Feels About Your Tax Return

For many people, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders came off as a crazy but genuine alternative to corrupt Hillary Clinton back in 2016. While Sanders ran on the mo ...Continue reading

What it’s Like to Talk to a Leftist About Guns

For a group that seems so bent on regulating firearms, you would at least expect the political left to know a little bit about them. Take the media's widespr ...Continue reading

Reality Check: Tech Advances Don’t Change Your Rights

Perhaps one of the most annoying and tired arguments promoted by the left on gun control is the idea that the Second Amendment only refers to weapons which exis ...Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Sheriff Scott Israel in One Picture

In this picture, you see a public official who has been charged with standing idly by while innocent Americans were killed, and spends the rest of the news cycl ...Continue reading

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