Reminder: Most of America is On the President’s Side

If you listen to progressive activists in the entertainment industry and the news media, you might believe that President Donald Trump is universally unpopular, ...Continue reading

How Trump Can Convince Liberals to Stop Breathing

This is a bit morbid, but its one of the funniest (and most scarily accurate) jabs at the left we've seen here in a while. The "resist and obstruct" movement ...Continue reading

The Mainstream Media is Actively Encouraging a Civil War

Political discourse in the United States is at its most tense since the 1960s, the mainstream media couldn't be happier about it. While there was once a sens ...Continue reading

A Question for Communists: Where Did All of Your Food Go?

Communism and its lightweight counterpart socialism have the stated goal to make everyone in a society "equal", and they succeed -- although they tend to just m ...Continue reading

Kamala Harris Called Out for Historical Ignorance on the 4th of July

While most Americans were busy being proud to be Americans on Independence Day, progressive politicians spent the time trying to push their failed political age ...Continue reading

Why We Might Not Have to Worry About Libs Taking Our Guns

The Fourth of July is great for many things: barbecues, fireworks, beer, overt displays of patriotism, and spending time with friends and family. It's also a fa ...Continue reading

Liberal Claims Russia’s Soccer Team is Racist for Some Reason

Once every four years, Americans across the country like to pretend they suddenly care deeply about soccer. And to be fair, it's a nice change of pace from the ...Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About the Regressive Left

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in this case, we're told everything we need to know about everyone in this image in three: "workers aga ...Continue reading

Liberal Tears Over Anthony Kennedy’s Retirement Are Delicious

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is stepping down at the end of July, and the entire left is imploding over it. Attached here is just one of the many hi ...Continue reading

Why are Male Feminists So Especially Cringe-Worthy?

This is one of those headlines where you're not sure whether to laugh until you're blue in the face, or throw up in your mouth a little bit. We came close to do ...Continue reading

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