The Fall of Scotland Explained in One Picture

Ah, Scotland -- the home of some of the fiercest warriors in European history. So fierce, in fact, that the Pict tribes that inhabited the land thousands of yea ...Continue reading

Ever Notice This Difference Between Democrats and Their Supporters?

Since the days of Andrew Jackson, the Democratic Party has been marketed as the party of the working man -- champions of justice for the downtrodden. Now, a ...Continue reading

Proof Trump is the Best Deal Maker in History

President Donald Trump has continuously billed himself as a gifted dealmaker, and it's beginning to show in a variety of ways. At the very least, the author ...Continue reading

Rod Rosenstein’s Un-Redacted Memo Revealed!

Does anyone remember why Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a job in the first place? Here's a refresher: after President Donald Trump fired former FBI Direc ...Continue reading

Why Doesn’t “Cultural Appropriation” Apply to This Leftist Icon?

As we reported earlier this week, Twitter turned into a racist battlefield recently after a Utah teenager had the audacity to post a picture of herself in her C ...Continue reading

Karl Marx Shares is Favorite Family Recipe

Here's an image that will both make you laugh and despair over the fact that the ideology responsible for the death of millions is still fashionable among moder ...Continue reading

It’s Harder Than Ever for the Left to Bash Trump on North Korea

Talk about an absolute warmonger, right? Within the past week and a half, President Donald Trump has convinced the North Koreans to engage in peace talks with S ...Continue reading

Social Justice Warriors are Trying to Ruin Prom Now, Apparently

Just in case you had to ask -- no, there is nothing too sacred for the radicalized social justice warriors to destroy. Recently, a Utah teenager was bullied ...Continue reading

How the Left Encourages Minorities to Be as Racist as Possible

If you're a white person living somewhere in North America, chances are you've been fed the narrative that there has never been any circumstance in which your s ...Continue reading

Would You Attend a Pot Luck with Bernie Sanders?

Just imagine this: you whip up a timeless family recipe to share with friends at a pot luck, and everyone else attending the event works tirelessly to do the sa ...Continue reading

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