New York Times: Racism is Only Bad if You’re Conservative

There have been a litany of disturbing developments in both mainstream and alternative media, and they reveal exactly how low the left is willing to go to win the culture war in the United States.

While the largest social media platforms have colluded to ban controversial talk show host Alex Jones, one of the largest newspapers in the country have hired and defended a provable racist — and has faced absolutely no repercussions as a result.

Sarah Jeong, the latest addition to the New York Times editorial board, is on the record saying undeniably racist things about white people on social media. Years ago, Jeong has condemned white people for having opinions, and suggested that they should be removed from the public space. When conservative commentator Candace Owens, a black woman, copied these tweets into her own profile and replaced the word “white” with other races, she was suspended from the platform within hours.

There is simply no debating it anymore — there is a double standard on what sort of racism is okay and what sort is acceptable, and the left says its fine if it is used against white people. This is the state of our culture.

~ Facts Not Memes