Marxist Logic Comes Down to This

Progressives, socialists, liberals, and everyone else who has been touched by the immortal wisdom of Karl Marx is certain that wealth is a finite thing.

Through this understanding of the world, the only way to accumulate more wealth than those around you is to do so at their expense. In essence, building wealth is an act of theft, and therefore immoral. This is the basic belief of the modern, progressive left in America and Europe today.

Here’s the thing…this logic is more flawed than countries that have actually implemented Marxism (and we can easily tell how all of that turned out). Wealth is not finite — not necessarily. When the capitalist creates a new product, or introduces a new marketable idea, he or she has effectively created wealth simply through intellect. It wasn’t stolen from anyone else. It was the product of their own intellectual capacity.

So, when a Marxist drones on about how everything capitalists have is the result of theft, keep in mind that they are doing so based on a truly elementary understanding of reality.

~ Facts Not Memes