Let’s Be Honest About Why the Caravan is Coming Here

The Honduran migrant caravan, we are told by most members of the mainstream media, is traveling north to the U.S.-Mexican border to avoid sectarian violence afflicting the country.

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt — this is probably at least partially true. Central America is hardly known for being a beacon of peace in the world. But, there’s the follow-up question: why on earth do the migrants need to come to the United States, when there are plenty of other countries not in a state of war to seek asylum in?

It’s worth noting that the Mexican government has already offered migrants traveling in the caravan asylum — and they declined. That right there should tell us everything we need to know about these migrants: they aren’t refugees, they’re economic opportunists.

Now, this alone doesn’t disqualify someone from seeking legal resident status in the United States. People do it all the time. But this is a very far cry from “refugee” status, which liberal pundits claim these people deserve.

Let’s be very honest about this: migrants are traveling here because the United States has a generous welfare state and a developed economy. That’s it. If all they wanted to do was flee a war zone, they could have done that easily.

~ Facts Not Memes