How Trump Can Convince Liberals to Stop Breathing

This is a bit morbid, but its one of the funniest (and most scarily accurate) jabs at the left we’ve seen here in a while.

The “resist and obstruct” movement that truly commands the Democratic Party and its supporters dictates that everything — and we truly mean everything — that President Trump does or says must be opposed by any means necessary. We saw this ahead of the failed immigration compromise, in which the president offered what essentially amounted to amnesty for scores of “dreamers” — illegal aliens who arrived in the United States as children. All Trump wanted was funding for a border wall, but Democrats in Congress were unwilling to budge.

So, what if The Donald actually began talking about how much he likes oxygen and breathing? Would there be mass “breathing strikes” across the country? As funny as it is, we truly hope liberal Americans aren’t that blindsided by their own ideology, but it seems like that’s the direction we’re going towards.

The good news here is that the president has a tried and true tactic to expose the Democrats for who they really are. All he has to do is come out in favor of something really simple, such as securing the borders (a mandate via the Constitution), and the left will tell us why that’s a bad idea.

~ Facts Not Memes