How Much Did You REALLY Miss Barack Obama?

Much to the dismay of liberals everywhere, former President Barack Obama has been relatively quiet since leaving office. That all changed over the weekend.

In a speech delivered in the former president’s home state of Illinois, Obama broke his silence and tore into his successor, President Donald Trump. The speech was a stern reminder of all the self-praising, cookie-cutter rhetoric we were subjected to for almost a decade. Not surprisingly, the mainstream media ate it up.

Obama’s statements included slams on Trump’s wall proposal, criticism for the Charlottesville riot that didn’t involve Trump at all, and other divisive bits. He also appeared to take credit for America’s incredible economic performance since the moment he stepped out of the White House.

Liberals without a doubt saw this as a “Return of the Jedi” moment, but the rest of America saw exactly why they decided to make a reality television star who had never run for office in his life the next president. The media worshipped the ground Obama walked on. He was supposedly scandal-free — if you ignore the IRS targeting conservatives or the DOJ giving weapons to gangsters. He was the great uniter — if you ignore his consistent attacks on traditionalist Christians and law enforcement.

It you think Trump supporters were committed to their cause before, just wait and see how they are going to be in the coming months…

~ Facts Not Memes