Elizabeth Warren’s Statement’s on Jeff Sessions are STUNNING

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, now better known as “Pocahontas” to President Donald Trump’s supporters, has made a lot of hypocritical statements during her career. Her tweets about outgoing Attorney General Jeff Sessions definitely stand out as some of her “greatest hits.”

Warren has been a vocal opponent of just about everything the Trump Administration does. She has suggested that Trump, Sessions, and almost everyone else serving in the White House is some sort of extremist, all the while pushing some of the most radical policy proposals the U.S. Senate has ever seen.

The pair of tweets you’re seeing here aren’t edited — these legitimately came out of Senator Warren’s mind, and later immortalized on the internet for the world to see. Based on what we’re seeing, if President Donald Trump came out tomorrow and said he was just kidding about Sessions leaving, she would still find something to complain about.

Democrats like Senator Warren are clearly not interested in governing. They are interested in clubbing Republicans as much as possible. Let it sink in folks, because this is what we’re in for over the next two years.

~ Facts Not Memes