Democrats Kick a Black Woman Out of a Restaurant

The Democratic Party is apparently getting in touch with its racist roots…

Candace Owens, a prominent black political commentator, was harassed alongside fellow conservative activist Charlie Kirk at a restaurant in Philadelphia by a mob of protesters bearing antifa symbols. The mob made repeated chants condemning “white supremacy” throughout the interaction before both Owens and Kirk were escorted out by local police.

According to a statement provided by Owens to CNN, all of the police force on the scene were either black or hispanic, adding irony to the assertion by the protesters that they were somehow in league with the Ku Klux Klan.

Jack Posobiec, another conservative journalist, described the development perhaps better than anyone with the tweet to the left. Owens was attacked by a predominantly white mob for having the wrong opinions. Apparently, the left is still fixed on the idea that minorities must support the Democratic Party, or else they are somehow a traitor to those with a similar genetic background.

This is the evil of collectivism, and it’s undeniably coming from the political left.

~ Facts Not Memes