Democrats Have HARDLY Changed Their Tune About Race…

The modern Democratic Party presents itself as the intersectional home for anyone who feels they have been systemically oppressed. The truth is, however, this systemic oppression was basically invented by the very same people.

The Democratic Party of Andrew Jackson and later Robert E. Lee viciously opposed abolition in every way they could — at one point even going so far as to tear the country in half over the issue. During the Jim Crow Era, the Democrats continued their fight to keep black Americans from rising up to their white counterparts — be it through economic or social means.

Now, just about every liberal pundit and two-bit middle school history teacher will tell you that Republicans and Democrats magically switched platforms in the 1960s, so therefore everything a Democrat did during the Civil War is something a Republican would have supported today. This is nonsense.

It’s true that the parties have re-aligned on a few issues — a modern example is free trade, which Republicans used to view much more favorably before President Donald Trump took over the party.

Somethings, however, never change. Democrats of old sold impoverished blacks the same vacant promises they do today. They biggest difference is appearances.

~ Facts Not Memes