Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination is “Killing” Democrats

Every time President Donald Trump makes a newsworthy political move, we’re told that it’s the end of our republic as we know it.

Exiting the Paris Climate Accords was supposed to render apocalyptic havoc. The historic tax cuts were going to cripple the economy overnight. The meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was going to spell the death of diplomacy. Now, the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is going to undo all civil rights laws passed over the past century.

At this point, we know what’s going to happen — basically nothing. Kavanaugh certainly appears to be a more conservative-minded justice than the outgoing Anthony Kennedy, but he’s definitely no Scalia or Thomas. Despite that, Democratic senators are convinced that his confirmation will put America on a path toward theocracy…for some reason.

By now, we should have learned that the Democrats are going to treat each and every move by Trump like this. It almost suggests that confirmation hearings like this are completely unnecessary. Then again, that is also their fault thanks to rules they themselves passed in 2014.

~ Facts Not Memes