Black Conservative Larry Elder Nails it on Racism in America

For the fist time in a long time, Republicans have a strong chance to reshape their image and capture at least a portion of the black vote in America. Conservative commentator Larry Elder, a black American himself, perfectly explains how and why in this tweet.

For the better part of the past century, Democrats have been able to count on the black vote as a guarantee in virtually every election cycle. Despite being the historic party of slavery, they have convinced blacks that only they can save them from the evil racist Republicans — through promises of an inflated welfare state.

The reality is that the Democratic welfare state has crippled the economic productivity of black America in ways that would make Confederate slave owners proud. While GDP per capita for black families was actually enjoying a steady rise (even in the face of Jim Crow and separate but equal laws), welfarist policies have discouraged black families from staying together, resulting in the destruction of cities like Detroit and Chicago.

It’s time for Republicans to make the case that individualism, not collectivism, is the solution.

~ Facts Not Memes