Bernie Sanders Calls Trump the Most Racist President Ever, Ignores Segregation

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is one of those leftists who has become a walking, talking parody of himself. His failed presidential bid notwithstanding, the socialist remains a hero for the millennial left, who scarf down everything he says without a hint of critical thought.

This is why, when the Vermont senator says things like this, it really causes us to take pause. How on earth did this person actually get elected?

Forget what you may think about President Donald Trump. Calling nearly anyone of any standing the most racist person to ever hold a particular office in 2018 is horridly historically ignorant.

Perhaps Sen. Sanders forgot that the first wave of American presidents were all slave owners. Yes, we understand that they were men of their time, but let’s not pretend that President Trump’s views on minorities are even remotely the same. Even President Abraham Lincoln, who famously freed the slaves and spearheaded the abolition movement, is on the record for saying that if he could’ve saved the Union without freeing a single slave, he would have.

Okay, maybe those examples are a bit unfair, so let’s fast-forward a bit. President Woodrow Wilson, also considered a hero of the left, actually re-segregated the U.S. Armed Forces. To be clear — they were de-segregated before Wilson took office, and re-segregated after.

Fast-forwarding even further: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, another hero of the left, thought it best to shove Japanese Americans into interment camps during World War II.

Now ask yourself…is Donald Trump really the most racist president in American history? REALLY?

~ Facts Not Memes