Alyssa Milano Showcases Stunning Hypocrisy

If you’re fan of this page, you probably don’t need us to tell you that actress Alyssa Milano is regularly given a political platform for no detectable reason whatsoever. However, she has a considerable social media following, so we’re occassionally forced to take her seriously when she throws herself into the spotlight.

Just in case you were wondering why we’re so critical of the Charmed star, this is why. While the celebrity pays near-constant lip service to every feminist cause she can find a hashtag for, she hasn’t quite been able to make the connection between sexual predation and a certain former president she has such undying love for.

Apparently, “believe all women” doesn’t include people like Juanita Broderick. Remember: it’s only sexual assault when someone with an R next to their name does it. Everything else is just a far-right conspiracy.

It must be really relaxing being on the left — almost no one actually holds you accountable for the outright ignorant things you say publicly.

~ Facts Not Memes