A Friendly Reminder that Hillary Clinton Will Never Be President

This is one of those images you can look at again and again and still have the same reaction. In our case, it’s smiling or almost laughing uncontrollably.

Hillary Clinton spent the entirety of her political life riding the coattails of her husband and former President Bill Clinton. Now, the Clinton years were far from ideal from a conservative perspective, but they did mark a time of progress when even the Democratic commander-in-chief understood that it was better to work with a conservative Congress than needlessly oppose the will of the American people.

Make no mistake, it was Clinton’s goal to seize the White House for herself from the very beginning. During her time as First Lady, pundits often remarked that it seemed as though there were two presidents — with Hillary being a very visible figure during the healthcare debate the time. A proto-version of Obamacare was dubbed Hillarycare for a reason.

Today, it’s painfully clear for Clinton that her moment in history will never come. Perhaps we should all be glad that she ran one of the worst presidential campaigns in American political history. Who needs to court swing state voters when you share a last name with a former president, right?

~ Facts Not Memes