How to Spot a Democratic Protester

Sometimes it's just too easy... The left-of-center seems to always find time for a good protest. In fact, aside from the Tea Party movement of 2010, ...Continue reading

Modern Socialists in a Nutshell

You know that impulsive friend you have that's always getting into dumb situations? Every group has one -- that one person who, despite having learned a certain ...Continue reading

Liberals and the Right to Refuse Service

Before the Supreme Court decided that Colorado backer Jack Phillips had been treated unfairly by state authorities, liberals argued he had to "bake the cake" no ...Continue reading

Watch Out Conservatives: Antifa is Ready for Battle!

Watch out you sick Nazi Trump supporters -- Antifa's commie soldiers have been training in the mountains, and they're ready to punch your lights out! Sure, they ...Continue reading

This Michael Moore Tweet REALLY Didn’t Age Well…

Do you ever wish you could jump into a time machine just to tell leftists how wrong they're about to be about everything? Maybe you do, but we don't -- it's ...Continue reading

Putin’s Plan to Destroy America — EXPOSED!!

You read it here first folks -- Russian President Vladimir Putin's plan to destroy the United States of American came in the form of supporting a candidate that ...Continue reading

How Liberals Determine if You’re Racist or Not

Confused as to how liberals arbitrarily decide something is racist or not? Fear not -- we've finally uncovered the formula. We hope it's helpful, and will convi ...Continue reading

Twitter’s Shadow-Banning Tells You Everything You Need to Know

If you ever hear anyone tell you that Silicon Valley companies aren't insanely biased against conservatives or really anything not explicitly left-wing, just sh ...Continue reading

Why are Democrats So Mean to the Black Community?

For the past several decades, the Democratic Party has marketed itself as at the home for people of color in the United States. At the same time, Democratic-con ...Continue reading

What’s a ‘Hispanic White Supremacist’? Ask This Guy

What we have here is proof that liberals in the media will make just about any connection they can to promote the narrative that there is a racist boogeyman lur ...Continue reading

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