Elizabeth Warren Has a #MeSioux Moment

In what is perhaps the funniest development to come out just in time for the midterm elections, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has proudly revealed that ...Continue reading

Million Dollar Idea: Hollywood Actors Should Just try Socialism

With virtually every media award show relegated to a left-wing political rally, it's clear how Hollywood elites actually see themselves. They aren't just on-scr ...Continue reading

How the Left Determines if You’re a Nazi

These days, it's hard to tell how exactly leftists determine whether or not someone is a Nazi. While you might suggest that expressions of racial supremacy -- t ...Continue reading

Reality: Feminists Don’t Believe Women Have a Right to Be Born

Feminist academics want you to believe they are the masters of the gyno-centric universe. They will tell you they have absolute authority on all things female: ...Continue reading

Leftists are the Least Charitable People in America

If you ask the average leftist why he or she hates capitalism so much, you're likely to get a response touching on the utter cruelty of market economies. In ...Continue reading

After Kavanaugh, CNN Goes Back to Normal

After the mainstream media's crusade against Brett Kavanaugh finally came to an anti-climactic end, it was back to business as usual for the likes of CNN and fr ...Continue reading

Who Would YOU Rather Trust with Your Daughters?

This is one of those images you want to share just about everywhere. Now, we're not going to say there was a wrong answer in this poll (because there are thr ...Continue reading

TIME Magazine Goes Full Cringe on Latest Cover

Picture this for one second: how would pundits on CNN react if the National Review put some artsy rendering of Juanita Broaddrick on its cover? That might be ...Continue reading

That Guy Who Kicked Pro-Life Woman is Scared of Jewish Nazis

Jordan Hunt, who became a viral sensation after he was filmed kicking a pro-life woman who challenged his pro-abortion beliefs, is everything we have come to ha ...Continue reading

Saying “Pregnant Women” is Problematic Now

Just in case you were wondering how the third wave feminists are doing, the Equality Institute has you covered. We've come a long, long way in the ...Continue reading

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