So, This is The “Massive” Trump Balloon British Protesters Promised…

Anti-Trump protests used to be annoying. But, considering that they've been nearly non-stop since the real estate mogul took his first political job as commande ...Continue reading

The Brutal Irony of Democrats Defending NATO Right Now

How many times have you heard progressive Democrats complain that the richest people in America don't pay their "fair share" in taxes? The answer is a lo ...Continue reading

Britain’s Anti-Trump Protesters are Total Hypocrites

When President Donald Trump touched down in the United Kingdom for a state visit with America's closest ally, London's left-wing activists could barely contain ...Continue reading

The Left’s Attacks on Kavanaugh are Pretty Ridiculous

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who was tapped by President Donald Trump to replace outgoing Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, has endured an array of vicious attac ...Continue reading

Liberal Logic: Abolishing Abortion Will…Kill People?

Raise your hand if you "survived" the FCC overturning former President Obama's net neutrality rules. Okay, now keep your hand in the air if you also survived ...Continue reading

Support MS-13? Vote Democrat in 2018

Supporters of open borders with absolutely zero law enforcement have a candidate to rally behind in 2018, and will soon have an entire political party to share ...Continue reading

How is ‘Democratic’ Socialism Any Different?

Since 2016, calling yourself a "democratic socialist" has been the fashionable thing for young progressives to do. The trend kicked off with the presidentia ...Continue reading

This is What Would Happen if Trump Cured Cancer

Lately, we've been seeing a lot of high-profile Democrats make an about-face on various political positions simply to virtue signal to their base that they are ...Continue reading

Women’s March Denounced SCOTUS Pick Before it Even Happened

We have some more living proof that the American left will "resist" and "obstruct" president Trump no matter what, and it's hilarious. Ahead of President Tru ...Continue reading

The Democratic Party of 1961 Sounds Like the Republican Party Today

Younger readers might have a hard time believing this, but there was a time when the Democratic Party wasn't seen as the radical leftist camp it is today. Af ...Continue reading

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