So, This is The “Massive” Trump Balloon British Protesters Promised…

Anti-Trump protests used to be annoying. But, considering that they’ve been nearly non-stop since the real estate mogul took his first political job as commander-in-chief, we’re starting to really look forward to them. They’re nothing if not a hilarious source of entertainment.

Having said that, we’re pretty disappointed with the British left for this one. A 30,000-pound (almost $40,000), crowd-funded ballon designed to re-imagine the president as an overgrown baby gripping a smartphone could have been a hit, but some of the photos really leave us wanting.

When the protest was first announced, much to the glee of hopeless American leftists overjoyed by the fact that their mental disorder is shared in other parts of the world, we were shown images of a gargantuan Trump baby dwarfing Big Ben in stature.

What we actually got was…this. This was the best they could do, apparently.

Oh well, better luck next time leftists. Maybe you’ll find an actual dictator to protest — namely the autocratic despots your government maintains friendly relations with…

~ Facts Not Memes