Democratic Domestic Abusers Running for President in 2020

Just a month ago, the Democratic Party and all of the media outlets that support it were changing “believe all women” until they were blue in the face. Strangely, this chanting subsided when a few of their own were implicated in domestic abuse crimes.

We’ve known about Keith Ellison for a while, but it’s porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti getting all of the press right now. Avenatti, of course, is the man who represented porn actress Stormy Daniels. Apparently, he’s not a particularly good lawyer, as Daniels has been asked to pay a settlement in her case against President Donald Trump. He’s not a very good spouse either, in light of the fact that he was arrested on domestic abuse charges.

So, after weeks of non-stop dismissals of innocent until proven guilty, of now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh being accused of being a gang rapist, liberals are suddenly okay with due process again. Funny how that works.

~ Facts Not Memes