How to Spot a Democratic Protester

Sometimes it’s just too easy…

The left-of-center seems to always find time for a good protest. In fact, aside from the Tea Party movement of 2010, can you think of any major conservative protest event in the eight years since?

Sure, there have been Trump rallies, but those are part and parcel of any political campaign. Nothing new there. Outside of that, it’s really difficult to get conservatives out of the office and onto the streets. Someone has to pay taxes, after all…

This is part of the reason why when you think of a generic protester, you likely imagine someone waving around a dumb sign like this.

For anyone who was dropped on their head upon birth — BUSES STILL USE OIL, BECAUSE THEY ARE VEHICLES.

Now that we’ve clarified this groundbreaking science lesson, we can all get back to work.

~ Facts Not Memes