TIME’s Latest Cover is Absurd — But Someone Fixed It

In the wake of the political outcry over migrant children being separated from the adults they illegally cross the border with, TIME Magazine took the virtue signaling to a new level by appropriating a photo of a crying child and placing the young girl next to President Donald Trump.

The implication here is pretty clear: Trump is basically Hitler, and he has absolutely no qualms with detaining children separately from their parents — provided the adults they are arriving with are in fact their parents.

The funny part? Well, it’s not really funny as much as it is depressing…but the original photo in question has been proven to be wildly misleading. As it turns out, the adult who was separated from this child was not related to her at all. In fact, this person was paid by the child’s mother to smuggle her across the border. In effect, the de facto face of this whole “crisis” is a fraud — much like the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!” slogan championed by the Black Lives Matter movement.

In light of this revelation, we feel this alteration to TIME’s cover is far more accurate.

~ Facts Not Memes