Trump Voters Are Not Who You Think They Are

During this past presidential election season, pundits and pollsters were tempted to draw a demographic picture of an average Donald Trump supporter and put the ...Continue reading

Who Will Check Social Media Facts?

In the wake of the recent presidential election, there has been much discussion of "fake news" and its impact on people's votes. Did voters elect Donald Trump p ...Continue reading

How Racist Is America?

Race is a big topic. You hear about it every day, and regardless of your personal feelings, there is no denying that racial tension is a serious issue in Americ ...Continue reading

Obama’s Last Days: What to Expect

With just over a month to go before Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, many are holding their breath to see what Barack Oba ...Continue reading

Obama’s Terror Policies: a Litany of Failure

President Obama recently surveyed his anti-terror efforts and gave himself high marks. In an address at MacDill Air Force Base, he wrote his own version of hist ...Continue reading

Trump and His Generals

His supporters are nothing but impressed by Donald Trump’s selection of several retired generals for his cabinet and other posts. Proposed nominees include: ...Continue reading

How Trump Overhauled Both Major Parties

It’s been a crazy year. That can’t be overstated. Everyone knew from the start that this election was abnormal and that things would change, one way or anot ...Continue reading

President Obama’s Last Stand

In one of his last major actions as leader of the country, President Obama has "fast-tracked" the admittance of 2,465 refugees from Muslim nations including man ...Continue reading

The Democrats’ African-American Problem

A nagging issue raised during the 2016 election season is that the Democratic Party, despite all proclamations to the contrary, hasn't really done much for Afri ...Continue reading

Millennials are More Conservative than You Might Think

Many of us have done our share of hand-wringing over the growing political and social polarization of our political climate as a great many people seem to focus ...Continue reading

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