The Young Turks Polls Followers on James Comey, Which Backfires Horribly

The Young Turks might want to seriously consider firing whoever puts up their polls on Facebook, because the results are starting to make them look like a conse ...Continue reading

Are Democrats Losing Patience with Robert Mueller?

After waiting for over a year for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to deliver the bombshell evidence showing that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian governmen ...Continue reading

The Political Elite Has Always Been Anti-Gun

This is a spot on depiction of why the right to self-defense and weapon ownership is enshrined in American tradition. It seems as though the debate on the ri ...Continue reading

There is No ‘White Privilege’ — Only Democrat Privilege

For modern intersectional feminists and similar thinkers, "white privilege" is the end-all-be-all explanation for every instance where a white person is treated ...Continue reading

Paul Joseph Watson Slams the DNC Over Hypocritical Lawsuit

Still reeling from its humiliating loss to President Donald Trump in November 2016, the Democratic National Committee is suing the Trump campaign, the Russian g ...Continue reading

Why are “Forward Thinking” Progressive Obsessed with Old Ideas?

The political left often sells its ideas on the premise that they are new and exciting -- part of the reason that younger generations are more attracted to them ...Continue reading

The Brutal Irony of Feminists Complaining About Trump

Since the release of the Access Hollywood tape just weeks before the general election in November 2016, feminists have been railing against now President Donald ...Continue reading

Starbucks Completely Surrenders to the PC Agenda

Starbucks is in full crisis mode as the fallout continues over a controversial incident took place at one of its locations in Philadelphia. During the incide ...Continue reading

This is How You Create a Trump Supporter

International coffee giant Starbucks had a rough PR week after footage showing police escorting two black men out of one of their stores for refusing to purchas ...Continue reading

Feminist Writer Triggered By Male Dentist

In this gem of a tweet, feminist author and creative writing professor Alissa Nutting reveals everything wrong with America's dental industry -- there aren't en ...Continue reading

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