What Democrats Really Mean When They Ask for “Compromise”

When Republicans are in power, Democrats are eager to call for "comprehensive" solutions to just about every issue. While this might sound like a timid plea for ...Continue reading

Ben Shapiro Slams Britain’s Healthcare System

Britain's National Health Service is still facing a PR disaster over its decision to disallow terminally ill child Alfie Evans from receiving experimental treat ...Continue reading

The Liberal Dilemma on Kanye West’s Tweet Storm

As we've reported several times this week, hip-hop star Kanye West has broken the mold of celebrity elitism by coming out as a passionate Trump supporter on Twi ...Continue reading

Parkland Teachers Are Actually Bullying a Student for Being Pro-Gun

The ever-tolerant left is at it again... Kyle Kashuv, the conservative student attending Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, has found his life to be quite ...Continue reading

British Police Block Child Alfie Evans from Leaving the Country

If you're an American and you're still wondering what a truly loving and caring European government would look like, here's a fresh example. Alfie Evans is a ...Continue reading

‘The Simpsons’ Fully Embraces the PC Agenda

One of the most notoriously irreverent programs in the history of television is willingly tossing aside its reputation in favor of rabid PC virtue signaling. ...Continue reading

Another Black Hip-Hop Artist Slams Democratic Arrogance

2018 is shaping up to be the best year for headlines in the history of American mass media... After rapper Kanye West launched a Twitter tirade pushing pro-c ...Continue reading

Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor Humiliates NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

Kyle Kashuv, the conservative student who survived February's mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, crushed New York City's far-left Mayor Bill d ...Continue reading

The New Yorker Proves Kanye West is Right About Free Thought

Hip-hop star Kanye West is no stranger to media controversy. This is the same person who stopped a VMA award show to draw attention to an artist that didn't win ...Continue reading

More Proof Trump is Putting EVERYONE Back to Work

Before 2018, hardly anyone knew who Stormy Daniels was. Well, there's definitely a segment of the population very familiar with the porn star's line of work, bu ...Continue reading

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