FACT: NRA Members Prevent Shootings, Not Cause Them

As was seen during the immediate aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting which claimed the lives of roughly 60 people, the tragic altercation in Texas has once ...Continue reading

Should Only Atheists Be Forced to Pay for Abortions?

The content creator really writes himself into a corner with this one, and it's pretty easy to see how. First of all, let's dispel the fact that President T ...Continue reading

Even the Left is Getting Sick of the DNC

It's been a rough week for the Democratic Party. In addition to having several of their cultural surrogates implicated in sexual harassment scandals, a bombs ...Continue reading

Social Justice Pizza — Liberals Forget They Can Simply Switch Brands

For all of their anti-business rhetoric, leftist seem perfectly fine with private businesses when they behave exactly as they want them to. This meme makes a ...Continue reading

NYC Terror Attack: Liberal Hypocrisy Plays Out in Real Time

New York City was attacked by an Islamic extremist who used a truck to roll over innocent civilians, and the left reacted exactly as you would expect them to at ...Continue reading

Debunking the Nazi Boogeyman

If Occupy Democrats was ever good for anything, it's providing us with an endless supply of material. Here, we see Lady Liberty burying her face in ...Continue reading

How Would Kevin Spacey React to Getting a Speeding Ticket?

Sometimes, the internet's memers hit the nail on the head, and this is certainly one of those times. Reacting to a shocking report about a then-14-year-old a ...Continue reading

Fact: Hillary Clinton Would Be the Worst Trick-or-Treater

If Hillary Clinton showed up at your home yesterday, there's a good chance she still hasn't left. This meme, posted to Reddit's "Conservative" page, shows th ...Continue reading

Comparing Kevin Spacey to Donald Trump is Beyond Foolish

The outrageous and hypocritical defense of Kevin Spacey continues with this gem, grabbed from Twitter account Millennial Politics. Honestly, the account's na ...Continue reading

What Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ Teaches Us About Socialism

Disney's production team probably didn't think about this when The Lion King hit theaters in 1994 -- they were more likely concerned with how to make S ...Continue reading

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