Democrats Should Declare Hawaii a “Missile Free Zone”

In case you missed it over the weekend, residents in Hawaii were briefly led to believe they were all about to die in a nuclear fire when they received governme ...Continue reading

A Quick Reminder that Joe Biden is a Creep

Whenever former Vice President Joe Biden sounds off like this, comments like this serve as the perfect response. Biden's original tweet obviously targeted Pr ...Continue reading

Reminder: Gun Rights are Constitutionally Protected, Immigration Isn’t

This political cartoon begins with a caricature of an NRA member, complete with what looks like a military-grade weapon and a baseball cap. If you're a liberal, ...Continue reading

Fact: Most Americans Would Choose to Live in Norway Over Haiti

President Donald Trump once again found himself in the crosshairs of every media outlet in the country after it was reported that he referred to the third world ...Continue reading

According to Al Jazeera, This is What a Migrant ‘Teenager’ Looks Like

One of the biggest challenges governments in Europe grappling with the continent's migration surge is the near-total inability to vet and verify any information ...Continue reading

Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Understand Why Walmart is Increasing Wages

Before Republican lawmakers passed through sweeping changes to the U.S. tax code, progressive politicians warned Americans that the richest people in the countr ...Continue reading

White Male Feminists Summed Up in One Picture

If you don't see the irony in this photo straight off the bat, there may not be a whole lot we can help you with... Modern feminism, in contrast to its earli ...Continue reading

This is What Sets Trump Apart From Every Republican

If you went out on the street right now and asked random strangers who the most hated person in the United States is, you'll probably get a pretty consistent an ...Continue reading

The Shocking Parallels Between Liberalism and Islam

Years ago, Democrats billed themselves as a secular party built on the ideas of separation of church and state and freedom of expression. All of this changed wh ...Continue reading

It’s Only a “Rigged” Election if You Lose, Apparently

It's always nice when you get to see left-wing hypocrisy play out in real time... Here, we have screenshots of two posts by the same Facebook page -- one pub ...Continue reading

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