Why it’s Impossible to Take Angsty Socialists Seriously

You've seem them marching through the streets either in your own community or on your television screens: scores of young Americans championing the destruction ...Continue reading

A Friendly Reminder that Hillary Clinton Will Never Be President

This is one of those images you can look at again and again and still have the same reaction. In our case, it's smiling or almost laughing uncontrollably. Hi ...Continue reading

Black Conservative Larry Elder Nails it on Racism in America

For the fist time in a long time, Republicans have a strong chance to reshape their image and capture at least a portion of the black vote in America. Conservat ...Continue reading

This Tweet by Obama’s Former Adviser REALLY Didn’t Age Well

Somehow, the phrase "I told you so" just doesn't quite cut it here... Not long ago, the entire left was unified in its assertion that President Donald Trump ...Continue reading

These are ‘Acceptable’ Political Views, According to the Left

In case you haven't noticed, the Democratic Party of today is almost unrecognizable from the same political organization just a decade ago. Make no mistake, ...Continue reading

CNN’s Jim Acosta Reminded WHY Trump is President

CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta is perhaps one of the most cringe-worthy members of the media in the Trump era. Nearly every press briefing features hi ...Continue reading

Why Don’t Mass Shooters Care About the Law?!

Here's a piece of information that may shock you -- people who commit violent crimes don't have too much respect for the law. Yes, it's a bit of a hard pill ...Continue reading

This College Degree is Just Setting Students Up for Failure

Historically, privileged Americans would attend college for the sole purpose of acquiring skills that would make them more economically marketable. With the int ...Continue reading

The Fall of Scotland Explained in One Picture

Ah, Scotland -- the home of some of the fiercest warriors in European history. So fierce, in fact, that the Pict tribes that inhabited the land thousands of yea ...Continue reading

Ever Notice This Difference Between Democrats and Their Supporters?

Since the days of Andrew Jackson, the Democratic Party has been marketed as the party of the working man -- champions of justice for the downtrodden. Now, a ...Continue reading

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