Careful What You Wish For — This is What ‘More Government’ Gets You

It's a phrase that's been meme'd to death at this point, but it certainly holds true: millennials truly are the first generation in American history to protest ...Continue reading

CNN’s Russia Obsession is Reaching Comical Levels

What you're seeing here is CNN's programming in a nutshell... With President Donald Trump still seemingly innocent of any so-called "collusion" with the Russ ...Continue reading

Wealthy Elites Lecture the Rest of America on Income Inequality

Well, this was certainly "rich" in every sense of the word... Recently, a handful of multi-millionaires decided to have a televised get-together to discuss w ...Continue reading

An Honest Look at How the Media Treats Hillary Clinton

Doubling down on her assertion that all Trump voters are repressive, sexist, xenophobes wasn't the only reason Hillary Clinton made headlines in March. In ye ...Continue reading

Free Speech is Completely Dead in the United Kingdom

It's time to toss out your George Orwell novels -- the dystopian concept of "wrongthink" is no longer a work of fiction. In late March, YouTube commentator a ...Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Alienates More Than Half of America — AGAIN…

It seems like every time twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton finds herself in the headlines, it's a refreshing reminder that America made the ri ...Continue reading

This is What Modern Book Burning Looks Like

The age of wrong-think is here. When most of us think about censorship -- or book burning as demonstrated in the top half of the picture -- we imagine ruthle ...Continue reading

How Much Longer Will Liberals Blame Russian Bots for Everything?

You read it here first folks -- if you happen to encounter an opinion that prompts you to rethink your worldview for more than a few seconds, you're definitely ...Continue reading

Is it Time to Ban Pedestrian Bridges?

Since firearms now possess the magical ability to self-animate and commit mass murders, who's to say that poorly built bridges don't share the same capability? ...Continue reading

Forget Gun Control — Britain Has Fully Embraced Knife Control

It's official -- the United Kingdom has become a parody of its former self. With virtually everyone in the country being completely disarmed -- including pol ...Continue reading

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