Liberals: Fetuses Aren’t People, but MS-13 Gang Members Are

America's radical left revealed itself for what it truly is after President Donald Trump referred to MS-13 gang members as animals. The president made his su ...Continue reading

The Difference Between Hamas and Israel, Explained in One Image

There is simply no moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas -- the pro-Palestinian terror group that enjoys popular support in the Arab world. Doubling as ...Continue reading

The New Iron Curtain Looks Very Different in 2018…

Decades ago, when the Soviet Union was a relevant political force, half of Europe fell behind what political analysts referred to as the "iron curtain" -- an ar ...Continue reading

Is This What it’s Like to Live in Chicago?

The Democratic Party likes to sell itself as the more compassionate alternative to ruthless, cold-hearted conservatism every election cycle, but this image quic ...Continue reading

Have Democrats Actually Began Supporting Terrorists?

The modern Democratic Party in the United States has effectively become a propaganda outlet for the some of the worst people on the planet. After some 40 rio ...Continue reading

Blanket Amnesty Destroys Legal Immigration

American liberals love to refer to the United States as a "nation of immigrants", noting that virtually everyone who lives in the country is of mixed heritage a ...Continue reading

Hasn’t Trump Proved He’s Not “Hitler” A Million Times Over?

If President Donald Trump is indeed the white supremacist Nazi revivalist the radical left likes to say he is, someone should really inform him that he's overlo ...Continue reading

How Would Restaurants Work Under Communism?

More than anything, the modern American left is experiencing levels of amnesia not seen since the dawn of time. In the original tweet featured here, this use ...Continue reading

Democrats Are Having a Tough Time Running on This

If someone asked you to break down the Democratic Party's platform for 2018, how would you answer? Sure, you could list a few minor policy preferences the pa ...Continue reading

How Ben Shapiro Trolled Every Feminist on Mother’s Day

One thing is for sure: you can't have Mother's Day without mothers, and Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro was happy to point that out this year. A noted ...Continue reading

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