Liberals: Fetuses Aren’t People, but MS-13 Gang Members Are

America’s radical left revealed itself for what it truly is after President Donald Trump referred to MS-13 gang members as animals.

The president made his supposedly controversial statement during a press briefing, where he responded to a reporter’s questions about the federal government’s actions against criminal gangs along the southern border. MS-13 has been a particular area of focus for Trump’s administration. In addition to drug trafficking, the organization has also been found to be responsible for numerous rapes and brutal murders.

Apparently, when they heard “gang members”, leftists in the media heard “ever single immigrant ever.” You can probably guess how the rest of the day went for them.

Left-wing cultural icons like George Takei sounded off on Twitter condemning the president, duping many into believing Trump actually used the word “animals” to refer to anyone of foreign heritage. Apparently, facts really don’t matter when you’re desperately trying to push a narrative.

It’s a strange time when a gang known for its violent brutality are humanized, but unborn babies aren’t. Good one, lefties…

~ Facts Not Memes